Galactic Brain Palo Santo Sticks (80g Pouch) | High Resin Palo Santo Wood from Peru for Cleansing, Meditation, Relaxation or Ritual




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Tribal groups and Shamans use the dried heartwood of the fallen limbs of this Sacred Tree in their healing ceremonies. It is a way to create a sacred space around you or clear negative energy.


There is a bit of misunderstanding about Palo Santo and how it’s supposed to burn. Every stick will burn, look, and smell differently depending on where in the tree it came from so don’t expect consistency.


Highly resinous heartwood may drip “oil” from the wood as you light it. (Think sap inside a tree) When lit on fire it heats the oils inside the wood and releases them and burns off. This creates the fragrance. This is normal.

It doesn’t mean it’s been “dipped in oil”
We would never do this!!

There is no additive. We import this ourselves directly. These are the natural resins inherent in the wood itself.


The other common question is about dark smoke when on fire.
When you first light the wood it will burn with a black smoke as it is on fire.n Once you blow it out you will see the white “cleansing and fragrant” smoke. The heartwood pieces may even look waxy and burn extra dark but are usually the most fragrant.


Sacred Plants are mostly used for a quick cleansing or ritual and aren’t meant to burn and stay lit for long. You can re-light any time and reuse the stick. To increase smoke time you can – Light 5 sec / Blow Out / Repeat – (3-5 times) to get an ember going, or you can use a feather to fan the ember.

Contact us anytime with questions or concerns as we are always available and happy to help!

⚛️ 80g of hand cut Palo Santo Wood Sticks for Smudging and Cleansing Rituals. Same great Premium Palo Santo from our popular Gift Sets, just in simpler packaging and without the Selenite.
⚛️ Great for resetting the energy of a new home, office, or apartment, or for someone who has been weighed down with negativity. Deepen your Meditation, Yoga or Spiritual Practice.
🛸 Learn About Ancient Knowledge and Practices. We are on a mission to raise the Vibration of the planet one brain at a time. Clear the dense and negative energy in your life. Expand your awareness as we all try to find Peace, Calm, and Acceptance in this ever Chaotic modern world. We are all on team HUMAN.]


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